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Here's What Fidelity National's (FIS) '23 Payments Report Says

Per Fidelity National’s (FIS) recent survey, the future of A2A payments seems bright as it offers reduced payment acceptance from consumers. As for the current issue, the study was conducted by the FIS Society of America and The A2A Research Council that uses data from the 2012 International Finance Corporation’s Global Payments Survey of FIS.

A2A is for consumers based on the United States, a rich country with AIR Money; for FIS consumers this is A2A. A2A payments will be the next-generation payment that consumers will get using A2A and the current version of A2A will be based on the A2A model for the whole world.

The A2A model is something that can be used in both the market place and the private sector. The key point here is that FIS doesn’t just accept A2A, it accepts both A2A and A2A payments, whereas they always accept P2P payments in the US and Canada. The two models operate using the same process whereby the A2A and A2A payments are processed as A2P and A2P payments.

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