Starting out on your career path, at first may seem rocky. But as you keep climbing upward, it gets smoother. 


Landing a job with no prior experience can be a tough task. If you are on the lookout for good work from home entry level jobs is important. 


What has been even better out of this deathly pandemic. It has given rise to many new jobs that are well paying and can be easily done from the comforts of your home. 


Listed below are the best entry level jobs both part-time & full time you easily work from home at. 


Customer service/ telecalling jobs 


customer services


Changes in work culture have opened new doors. Customer services or telecalling have taken a shift and now can be done from the comforts of your home. This is a new work from home job added to the list in 2020. 


This job comes with flexible work hours and requires you to be on your phone. There are many companies today offering online customer service. It requires you to have good communication skills and confidence. Customer service jobs are always in demand. And companies are always on the lookout for employees to join. And you do not need much prior experience or very high qualification for it. 



E-learning has been the biggest shift in work culture during this Pandemic. Quality learning wasn’t accessible to everyone. But now it is only because of such amazing online teaching platforms. And now many learners have adapted to its ways. 



If you have it in you to teach. And you are passionate about this work you can actually but turning this into a full time career for you. This profession has flexible hours and is fully home based. You can join agencies that hire online tutors or you can freelance. Either way, this is the best entry level work from home job. You need to have a good academic record for this job and passion for teaching. 


Data entry


Data Entry


Data entry jobs are a little hard to find. But they are as good as any other work from home job. Data entry jobs require you to be skilled with many computer applications. You must also be a well manager of time. Data entry jobs are also flexible jobs. But you need to make sure to complete your day-to-day task. 


Content writer 


Content writer 


This is another entry level job that can be very flourishing for you. And you can take it up as a full time career someday. It tests you on your creativity skills. You will be working under flexible hours and will have the liberty to divide your time as you want. This is a good work from home entry level job that can be very money as you gain more and more experience. It requires you to have writing skills, time management skills, and ability to adapt and learn new things. 


Chat agent


Chat agent

Working as a chat agent is similar to that of a customer service job. This role is easy to get and doesn’t require much qualification. Basically here you will be reaching out to customer queries through chat boxes set up on the company’s website. 


Sales representative 


Sales representative 

Advertised the most is a sales representative’s job. It is also an online based entry level job. Companies looking for individuals for this role select many beginners for it. Even the demand for this role is high. 


Online researcher 

Working as an online researcher, you require to dedicate time to searching information online and answering customer questions. This a substantial job role. And can be easily done online. You must have a lot of patience. And the ability to research in a detailed manner. 



If you have adequate knowledge of social media, online forums, and chat rooms. This job role will suit you well. You do not require any standard background for it. It is an easy job. 


Visual assisting 

The perks of working as virtual assistance is notable. Along with flexible work hours, this can become a sustainable career path too. The fields you can assist virtually are too many. So you definitely find your domain of interest to work in. 


Account manager/ account executive


Account manager


This profession requires you to have relevant people skills. As an account manager, you will be responsible for maintaining client relations. And this is a work from home job. Sales, advertising and public relation firms are the ones who hire for this job role. 



In this work from home role, you help companies find qualified candidates for their job roles. Candidates who are actively looking for jobs. Almost every firm requires a recruiter and you fill in for the position as work from home. 


Web developer 


Web developer


If you have the relevant skills you can absolutely enter this field. But yes you require a relevant degree too. You will be working in the technical aspect and website aspect for the company. This can be a very high paying position. 



If you have a passion for writing. This job will suit you well. As an editor, you have to make sure that a writer’s work is free of error. You also have to meet the standard requirements of the publisher. Editors have a big scope these days. With increase in demand for articles offline and online. 


Project manager 


 Project manager 


Companies have projects that require proper management. And with the corona virus plaguing a society. Even managers have to adapt to work from home. Working as a project manager you will be responsible for seeing that work gets done from start to finish. For this, you require relevant skills and education. This is an entry level high paying job. 



Starting without any experience can be a little tough. But don’t forget that to gain experience you need a job. And there are companies on the lookout to give jobs to a fresher. You just need to know how to grasp the opportunity. 

It is not entirely impossible to land a job as a fresher. You can start with baby steps. Starting with simpler and smaller jobs and then moving into big ones. 

Try showcasing the best of your skills-set on your resume. Make sure to elaborate what you have learned and gained. Remember to not give up early since it will take time. 

Networking is another great way to land jobs. Use your Linkedin connections or spread a word amongst your friends and families. 



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