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10 Best Books On Money Management






Financial Literacy plays a vital role when it comes to making money. A financially literate person will be able to manage money with confidence. They will be able to decrease their debts efficiently and gain security. 


Finance literacy is a must. There is always so much you don’t know about when it comes to finances. If you are a reader looking for some productive reads that will improve your knowledge of finances. Then this article will help you with it. 


Rich Dad Poor Dad

Robert Kiyosaki 


A book that I have read myself. A book that got me thinking of how unaware I was about my financial surroundings. A book that picked on my financial intelligence in a day to day life. 


This book is inclusive of a bunch of fun stories, depicting the writer’s learnings on finances. He often draws comparisons of what his rich dad would do in a given situation and what a poor dad would do. He had a great deal to learn from both his “Dads”. 


The Richest Man in Babylon 

George S. Clason


Secrets in personal wealth. If such a thought keeps coming to you. Maybe it is time you answer that by reading an all time best book on finance literacy


Set in ancient Babylon, this book is an informative take on achieving financial security. Told through stories it throws light on the importance of investing money saved. Especially for a beginner, figuring out his/her finances. This financial classic was first published in 1926. 


The Intelligent Investor 

Benjamin Graham 


A book that highlights tactics for investment. It purely centers on the greatest knowledge regarding stock investments. Focusing on such details that we often tend to miss. 


In his book, Graham stresses on how an investor should not be carried away by media hype. And purely focus on a company’s true value. Giving an insight on financial market knowledge. The writer asks you, the investor, to diversify your portfolio. Such more deep advice on money. 


Stop Acting Rich And Start Living Like a Real Millionaire 

Thomas J. Stanley 


Personally, I love glittery stuff too. I am sure you do too. And a lot of my money is gone in buying fancy stuff. 


But that’s exactly what this book forbids you. It highly focuses on not acting rich but being rich. The message that it puts forward is that buying expensive things rarely give you happiness and lasting wealth. 


The Millionaire Next Door 


Thomas J. Stanley


This book shows the path of millionaires. Breaking all stereotypes surrounding a millionaires success. It aims to provide a walk through for every individual to attain financial freedom. The myth busting facts that the book aims at is. That millionaires aim at financial independence over showing off a pricey lifestyle. 


Think And Grow Rich 


Napoleon Hill 


Stressing on the fact of “helping yourself”. This book makes points about flexibility in goal plans. By which he means that if a certain plan is not working don’t hesitate to change it. 


The Behaviour Gap: Simple Ways to Stop Doing Dumb Things with Money 

Carl Richards 


Richards points out how some behavior gets in the way of their financial ideas, which could have been smart ones. This book will do good to beginners. Who needs adequate guidance starting out. Helping beginners understand that behavioral decisions they make can be affecting their money management. 


The Richest Engineer 


Abhishek Kumar 


Yet again pointing out towards some vital aspects of investment of personal finances. Kumar, in a conversation with his friend, narrates a story that highlights the key points of how anyone can be rich, how wrong our notions about money are and how to develop a right attitude towards money. 


From the Rat Race to Financial Freedom

Manoj Arora


Every college goer would very much relate here. Since every struggling sudden knows the deep desires of escaping the rat race. And attaining financial freedom. Arora very beautifully explains how trapped we are in the concept of making more money. He then shows us that earning a lot of money, social status aren’t what decide how free you are financially. But the ability to earn and invest those earnings rightly. 


Happy Money: the science of Happier Spending 


Elizabeth Dunn & Micheal Norton


As the name suggests. This book is all about happiness in spending. Approaching the mindset that anyone with a little money can wisely spend it for better good. It aims at an audience who are about to retire. 



Thus, financial security and independence is a very important aspect that so many fail to achieve. Learning to invest your money properly can help you grow out of your present situation and do better in future. 


All these books commonly talk about so. They constantly tell you that anyone can be rich. And maybe that wholly depends on an individual’s mentality. 


This article has tried to be inclusive of the most popular books. 




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