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McCormick (MKC) Looks Tempting: Stock Up 15% Since Q1 Results

McCormick (MKC) has been benefiting from its Global Operating Effectiveness and Comprehensive Continuous Improvement programs amid cost overruns. This year, it’s expected to finish out its first year of operations, which is a milestone for the Company. By 2015, it’s already expected to generate approximately $4.6 billion in annual revenue. In addition to the company’s commitment to sustainability, in 2016, MKC will have to make a commitment to cutting costs and improving sustainability.

As part of this year’s success, MKC has taken its $1.5 million annual contribution to the General Revenue Auditing Board (GRAC) and will have its annual report to the board in September. The review will take place on November 3rd to review MKC’s financials, including its operating income, operating profit (in 2015), adjusted earnings and gross margin (in 2015). The review will also include a detailed report on environmental and cost-of-living information, as well as a detailed assessment of MKC and its products and services. This is the first year of implementation of this review.

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